2019《HELLO Chengdu》编辑部冰饮测评的结果已经出炉,看了预告片的foodie们是不是很期待鸭~

The result of the iced drink tasting last time is on HELLO Chengdu September issue in 2019 already. Are you excited about it?


Now let's have a look at 14 cups of beloved iced drink hotlist from the editorial department of HELLO Chengdu!

奶茶派:热量之外的冰爽欢愉Milk tea: Iced Deliciousness of Calorie

葡萄柚益菌多@书亦烧仙草  15元

Grapefruit Yakult@ Shuyi Tealicious: 15 yuan

Van, whose head reaches on top of the door frame: A milk tea alternative for the lactose intolerant! Red grapefruits are mixed in Yakult, offering a sour-sweet taste and attractive color.

西瓜丸奶@丸摩堂  15元

Watermelon Milk @One More Time: 15 yuan

Injoy, sweet and cool: Real watermelon pulp can be seen underneath the milk cap. Drink it and you will get a mouthful of refreshingly sweet and fruity aromas. Add more ingredients and you will experience a double dose of happiness!

Tips for ingredients: Bubbles or Konjaku

奇艺森林@末茶 16元

Kiwi Forest

@Mootea: 16 yuan

Nobita, the weekly "senior soccer player": This turquoise iced drink is specially made with kiwi fruit juice, decorated with lemon and kumquat and balanced with a tasteful sweet and sour flavor. It's the flavor of summer!

杨枝甘露@茶百道  20 元

Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo @Cha Bai Dao: 20 yuan

Delia with a sweet smile: It's derived from the Hong Kong-style dessert, full of ingredients. The fresh and sweet quality of mango and grapefruit mixed with soft sago in a dense-yet-smooth evaporated coconut milk that not only cleanses the palate but also captures your taste buds and keeps you wanting another one.

Tips for ingredients: Taro balls and bubbles


Four Seasons Milk Green Tea @A Little Milk Tea: 21 yuan

Stonel "before 2000": Stick a straw into the cup, take a sip of the milk green tea with a little sugar and a slightly bitter taste, and then take a sip of the milk cream with its strong and sweet flavor. Shake the whole cup before drinking, and you will get a better taste!

Tips for ingredients: Milk cream and bubbles

冰激凌新粉水蜜桃@新作の茶  23元

New Pink Juicy Peach Tea with Ice Cream @Sun Tea: 23 yuan

Kylin with his own bottle opener: Soft juicy peach fruit with Four-Season oolong tea provides a mellow flavor. The vanilla ice cream mixed at the end makes it even more fragrant and sweet. Even the boys will become sweet after drinking it!

冰激凌红茶@一点点  25元

Ice Cream Black Tea @A Little Milk Tea: 25 yuan

Carmen in the process of quitting milk tea: This is a slightly bitter black tea with chunks of puddings, floating bubbles and ice cream. Drink a mouthful of it and you will be satisfied with the layered flavors and agreeable sweetness.

Tips for ingredients: Puddings and bubbles


@快乐柠檬 19元

Bubble Tea with Pink Half-cooked Cake

@ Happy Lemon:

19 yuan

Amber, BBQ every night: Plop a solid semi-cooked cake on top of the ice-cold and creamy bubble tea, and you've got a chewable milk tea! If you are tired from shopping, you'll be full of energy after a cup of it.

西瓜丸茶@丸摩堂 16元

Watermelon Tea

@One More Time: 16 yuan

Cheer, loves bands and Star-Lords: The milk cap and tea are well integrated. When the taste of whipped milk and sweet fruit fragrance enters your mouth together, you will feel like you've encountered a brand new world!

Tips for ingredients: cheesy milk cap and Konjaku

咖啡帮:提神醒脑的沁凉选择Coffee style: A cool choice for staying refreshed


Homemade Iced Black Coffee with Bubble Water

Febe, reviving herself with coffee everyday: Simply pour chilled bubble water into espresso/ground coffee, and this summer's hottest iced coffee is made. I promise you an enjoyable drink here!

冰燕麦拿铁@常识咖啡  35元

Iced Oatmeal Latte

@PY COMMONSS: 35 yuan

Chris, who loves having something to sip on: The slightly bitter coffee is added to the full-bodied oatmeal milk, creating a double flavor with both temptation and elegance. Drink it down as soon as you can while the ice is still floating, and an endless aftertaste will be left for you.

便利控:触手可得的清爽滋味Convenience Style: Refreshing Taste near at Hand

三得利无糖乌龙茶@全家便利店 5.5元

Suntory Sugar-free Oolong Tea

@FamilyMart: 5.5 yuan

Haru, a light meal lover: Sugar-free drinks are refreshing in summer. If you feel it's bitter, add milk into it to make an ultra-low calorie milk tea! It is a good drink for when you would like a cup of milk tea while on a diet!

巧克力冰沙@全家便利店 16元

Chocolate Smoothie

@FamilyMart: 16 yuan

Echo, better organized: Take chocolate chip ice out of the freezer, pour milk on it, and then stir them together. The slightly melted smoothie is softer than ever in the mouth.  It is a drink for all chocolate milk lovers!

Tips for ingredients: Milk

粉快餐的这一位:高颜值的美食伴侣Fan of fast food: Stunning Food Mate 

Yē Yé Yě Yè 椰子水特饮@麦当劳 12.5元

Ye Ye Ye Ye Coconut Water Drink @McDonald's: 12.5 yuan

Faye with long black hair: McDonald's used to have a Melody Cool drink containing soda and ice cream, and now they have a coconut water drink with ice cream, which is light and thirst-quenching. The second cup is offered at 50% off. But personally, I think it would be better to remove the coconut jelly and bubbles from the coconut water.



Which one is your favorite? 

Let's go get it!

Photos by Meow
摘自《HELLO Chengdu》2019年9月刊
Excerpted from HELLO Chengdu September Issue in 2019
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